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Quality Assurance

Product quality and the safety of your baby is of the utmost importance for everything we sell at the Bee & Mee shop.  We inspect and test samples of products we carry extensively; to ensure its quality and that it is safe for your baby.  As a rule of thumb, the Bee & Mee shop will only offer products that I would use myself for my own baby, and that I am comfortable recommending to my closest friends and family.

“Baby Tested Mommy Approved” Process

Before a product becomes available in our shop, we apply the following quality assurance process, which we call “Baby Tested Mommy Approved”:

  • Conduct due diligence research on suppliers/manufacturers.
  • Inspect product samples to check material quality, design specifications, and craftsmanship.
  • Depending on the item, I will either use it myself or use it on my baby to try the product, and/or send it to other mommies for their review and feedback.
  • A product will only be available at the Bee & Mee shop if everything above checks out, I am satisfied with it and/or my baby likes it, and quality and safety is not a concern.

Our quality assurance continues beyond sample inspection and testing; if customers provide negative feedback on a product they purchased at the Bee & Mee shop we will look into each matter seriously.  If there really are issues with a product we will immediately remove it from our shop.  Continuous customer feedback along with our “Baby Tested Mommy Approved” process will help ensure we offer the best products for you and your baby.