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Our Story

As first-time parents in 2017, my husband and I were constantly doing research and looking for cute and affordable products for our baby, while not sacrificing on quality. Like many parents, we realized that finding high-quality products is not an issue; the problem is finding them at affordable and reasonable prices! My frustration to this problem, along with my husband’s vision of creating a better world for children, lead to the birth of the Bee & Mee shop.

Bee & Mee was founded as a small business with a big cause. We hope to change the world one day with our business model. The Bee & Mee shop donates 50% of any profit to support the well-being of children, while reinvesting the other 50% back into our shop to create a sustainable and ongoing source of support. Every item Bee & Mee sells will contribute towards a better future for children.

Family operated out of Delta, BC, we dedicate ourselves to bringing you and your precious little ones great products at affordable prices, by eliminating the high cost of fancy packaging, expensive branding, etc. We source goods factory-direct or through the best wholesalers we can find, or in some cases manufacture products ourselves under our own name to give you the best value. So please come shop for a cause!

With love, 

~ Bee & Mee ~


P.S. Many people have asked, “Where did the name Bee & Mee come from?” When I was pregnant I kept on telling my husband “baby and me” this, and “baby and me” that, everything was about us at the time. After a few months, I started to just say “Bee & Mee”!

Like how my husband places “baby and me” as his priority, Bee & Mee places you and your baby as our priority.